Anorectal Testing

Anorectal Manometry:

Anorectal manometry is a test to evaluate your anal and rectal muscles. These muscles work together with your brain to control your bowel movements. If you’ve been having difficulties with bowel movements, it could be related to how these muscles function. Anorectal manometry is a way of measuring your muscle contractions to determine if they’re activating and coordinating correctly.

Haemorrhoid banding:

Haemorrhoid banding is when a gentle suction device is placed over the haemorrhoid and a small rubber band is deployed onto the base of the haemorrhoid. The rubber band tightens over the haemorrhoid blocking the blood supply and the haemorrhoid and band drop off usually after 4‑7 days at which time you may notice minor rectal bleeding which normally settles within 12 hours.  Banding may need to be repeated at times to complete eradication of haemorrhoids.